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#1 Osama ALSmadi
Guide for Jordan
$25 / hour

Tourist guide in the whole country of Jordan, historical, archeological, cultural, adventure, deserts and mountains and Eco-tourism specialist. English and French speaking, guiding since 2008. I can organize your tour and tailor it to your taste. Discover the mountains and the desert of Jordan, walk through the unbeaten paths of the marvelous Petra. Or you might care for some aquatic fun and some canyoning adventure...!?! Or even some scrambling on the iconic mountains of sandstone of the desert of wadi rum. You might be also interested in historical tours and cultural ones.. Come and discover the cradle of civilization in Jordan where you can trace history from 200,000 BC

#2 Extremo Senderismo
Guide for Buga-Valle Colombia
$15 / hour

Visit Our Youtube Channel: Hiking & Camping @extremosenderis

#3 Precious
Guide for Siyabuswa South Africa
Free Guide

Siyabuswa has a beautiful and attractive resort and around,got mdala nature reserve and mkhombo dam for camping and fishing in summer,you can take your family for a holiday and have fun with friends.not forgeting comfortable and tidy B+B"s

#4 Gregory Goudey
Guide for Helsinki Finland
$27 / hour

I am an American from California who now lives in Helsinki Finland. I offer guided tours around the Helsinki area, including day hikes at Nuuksio National Park. I work as a freelance guide in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Norway, and Poland. I have extensive travel experience in Nordic counties and with expert knowledge of local transportation, accommodations, and points of interest in several regions of Norway, Sweden, and Poland. I hold CURRENT certification in Wilderness Advanced First Aid, including CPR, as well as certification in Arctic Survival training, I keep up to date on survival training and drills and keep my clients safety and enjoyment at the highest standards of my experience and abilities. My position is to organize, plan and lead private and small group adventure tours, specializing in Nordic and Baltic countries, with focus on local culture, stunning landscapes, hiking, camping, cross country skiing, Aurora Borealis viewing and photography opportunities and a myriad of location related activities and sights. I will arrange daily itinerary, activities, meal planning, stories of ancient Nordic cultures and mythology, poor jokes, good humor, sarcasm, music, lot's of coffee, chocolate, and if needed provide or arrange all transportation during the dates of the excursion. ph : +358400848432

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